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In 1992, Anthony McEwen, a former vice president of one on the largest global processors, purchased two Louisville-based file management companies: one for storage and the other for document destruction.  Needed contemporary rebranding for the organization, File Management Pros turned to Peredo & Associates. 

Taking position


Peredo & Associates was given the challenge to assist File Management Pros in establishing a new strategic positioning within the Louisville metro market and throughout vertical channels in the region.  


The assignment was to ideate new collateral design built upon key visual elements throughout all, print, and new media that would positively separate them from local and national competitors through customer-centric branding.

First impressions


As a local business, File Management Pros sought a new look tangent with their industry prospects based upon a foundation of social proof.  Peredo & Associates interviewed internal staff and conducted a client audit to determine client experiences with FMP compared to national file management competitors. Positive differentiating factors became evident in the audits themselves, which gave direction on the brand’s value statement.


The audit revealed that the clients served by File Management Pros knew their data and files were secure, the turnaround of file recall was considerably quicker, and the FMP staff was more reliable, friendlier, and accessible compared to national competitors.  


The results were proven:  These core experiences

reflected the values of the organization which were made apparent in a new brand statement that was simple and direct:


Security. Service. Reliability.

Client appreciation


With an established identity mark created 13 years prior, the vision of File Management Pros was to work with customers built upon a personal client-centric business approach.  The use of its triangular arrow within the logo form became a grounding design element for its modernized appearance unifying the collateral and advertising landscape.


The chosen color pallet was also applied across all collateral and marketing materials, based upon the existing brand architecture. With the use of brand specific colors, shapes, text, and typography, the new brand experience created a striking, stylistic appearance that is clean, structured, and streamlined.

Getting word out


In the file management business-to-business industry, marketing is a combination of segmented advertising and consultative direct sales.  This formed the strategy to deploy File Management Pros in the local business community and segmented regional markets. 


Advertising included direct mail, digital, and print advertising based on striking, relevant, and fun approaches built upon client testimonials.   Inbound and outbound marketing vendors were also incorporated, resulting in increased referrals and sales opportunities.

"With our new bolder, updated, and industry relevant look, we can now present ourselves as a locally-owned company providing our 'better than corporate' alternative to document management services." 

                                               Tony McEwen, President

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