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Florida based Filipino-American investors engaged Peredo & Associates to identify and assess a brand name and identity that would be reflective of history yet transcendent across cultural boundaries.  The result not only impacted how owners identified their brand, but also affected the firm's own strategy regarding investor opportunities.  

American identity


First generation Filipino-American businessmen assigned Peredo & Associates to ideate a visual identity based on names reflective of their Asian Pacific heritage. The owners were proud of their cultural heritage and their work which brought them to the financial security.  After vetting the initial choices, it was agreed the names did not reflect an inclusionary investor opportunity for future.  Upon this realization, it was agreed that Peredo & Associates would engage in a stakeholder and client audit in order to redirect the company's branding beginnings in order to create a name.   

Navigating the past


During stakeholder interviews, Peredo & Associates used insights from one key conversation about Filipino history touching upon Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan.  In his exploration for the East Asia trade route, Magellan came upon the Philippine Islands, which resulted in the graft of cultures and languages.  


Peredo & Associates created a theme of navigation to become the cornerstone of the Magellan brand.  The owners came to envision their organization as a holding company for all those seeking long-term financial growth and sustainability. 

"The resulting brand fulfilled our vision of a mark and name is identifiable to clients on multi-relevant levels. It effectively positioned us for continued facilitation of financial partnerships."

                                                               Joey Galvez, Principal

Keeping on course.


Once Magellan Holdings LLC was established as the company name, the next step was to consider the visual elements.  The Victoria, the vessel used by Magellan, became the graphic identity that represented an experienced and safely navigated journey.  


The Victoria sets affront the dawn of a new day, evoking the feeling of new beginnings - an experience for many Filipinos on their immigrant journeys.  Burnt orange is used with a complementing warm, conservative grey, giving a subdued color balance.


This color pallet was applied to all collateral, digital media and presentation materials inviting all investors to explore the holding company's investment opportunities.   

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